Share the Harvest started with a half acre, a group of volunteers, borrowed tools, and a dream. We now farm six acres in East Hampton with year-round staff and seasonal interns and field crew.


Viola Bennett

Hometown: Southampton, NY

Favorite farm chore: Harvesting

Favorite farm tool: Any tractor
Favorite vegetable: Brussels sprouts
Favorite flower: Sunflower
Favorite insect: Ladybugs

Why I grow: "So I can always work outside"

Angie Bucci

Hometown(s): Southold, NY

Favorite farm chore: Weeding

Favorite farm tool: Flame thrower
Favorite vegetable: Tomato
Favorite flower: Chamomile
Favorite insect: Cicada

Why I grow: "Empowerment + self-sufficiency"

Laura Dautzenberg

Hometown(s): Manorville, NY

Favorite farm chore: Transplanting

Favorite farm tool: Scuffle hoe
Favorite vegetable: Arugula
Favorite flower: Hydrangea
Favorite insect: Praying mantis


Maddie Smullen

Hometown: East Hampton, NY

Favorite farm chore: Transplanting

Favorite farm tool: The Gator
Favorite vegetable: Kale
Favorite flower: Gardenia
Favorite insect: Honey bee

Why I grow: "Watching things come to life"


Justine Giordano

Hometown(s): Brooklyn, NY

Favorite farm chore: Planting

Favorite farm tool: My hands
Favorite vegetable: Eggplant
Favorite flower: Gardenia
Favorite insect: Butterfly

Why I grow: "Cleanest food comes directly from dirt!"

Screen Shot 2018-09-04 at 7.56.07 PM.png

Jess Tonn

Hometown(s): Girard, KS, & Portsmouth, NH

Favorite farm chore: Hand weeding 

Favorite farm tool: My hands
Favorite vegetable: Red peppers
Favorite flower: Sunflower (see above, re: Kansas)
Favorite insect: Dragonfly

Why I grow: "Dirty fingernails + tired muscles = happy heart"


As board members of Share the Harvest Farm, we all wear many hats and share a common dedication to unite our community in the interest of health and well-being. We invite everyone with interest in the same to join us!

John Malafronte



Mariah Whitmore


Ira Bezoza

Co-Founder & Treasurer


Marjorie Hays


Basia Kinglake


Kathleen Masters


Max Plesset


Steven Shachat


Bryan Spillane


Jesse Wellen


John Malafronte


Every farm has a founder, many farms have boards of directors, but no other farm will ever have a John. During the farm’s early days, John could be found in the fields on his hands and knees seven days a week, or making countless food pantry deliveries in the back of his own vehicle. He was the driving force behind our fundraising efforts, our mission’s most passionate advocate, and the person who always encouraged us to do more, to do it better, and to help feed as many people as possible.


His energy was contagious and his vision was simple: that everyone in our community should have access to fresh, nutritious food.

We dedicate this season to his memory.


We are fortunate to have a growing network of support from our community, and recently several prominent leaders have joined our advisory board. Together, we look forward to expanding our charitable outreach.

Loretta Davis

Executive Director, The Retreat

Harvey Horowitz, Esq. ז״ל

Mintz & Gold LLC.

Jeff Pennington

Pennington Flowers

Deirdre Silver

Interior Designer

Mark Smith

CEO, Honest Man restaurants

Jennifer Taylor

Vice President and Executive Director for Education and Programs, Wellness Foundation

Edwina von Gal

Landscape Designer and Founder, Perfect Earth Project