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The Farm

Share the Harvest started on a half acre in 2010, and now farms six acres at EECO Farm in East Hampton. We were founded on the belief that everyone should have access to fresh, nutritious food. To that end, we grow and donate thousands of pounds of fresh, highly nutritious vegetables and herbs to local organizations feeding hundreds of children, seniors, and families in our community.


Our mission is to grow highly nutritious and organic produce for donation to local food pantries and other charitable organizations, to increase food access for all in need and to raise awareness about food insecurity on the East End.


Organizations we serve include:


  • South Fork food pantries

  • Affordable housing complexes

  • The Retreat women's shelter

  • East Hampton Town Senior Citizens Nutrition Center

  • Heart of the Hamptons

  • Children's Museum of the East End (CMEE)


We employ organic methods to encourage a diverse and thriving soil ecosystem that provides a healthy environment for our crops. We focus on nutrient-rich vegetables and cold-tolerant staple crops that provide much-needed produce in early spring and late fall, when many families in our community are struggling to make ends meet. Past generous donations allowed us to build greenhouses that extend our growing season, allowing us to continue delivering produce year-round.


Fundamentally, we approach outreach from the standpoint of giving not what is left over or inferior in quality, but that which we would want to put on our own tables.


With your help, we are achieving our goal of bringing members of our community together in a common purpose to end food insecurity on the East End.

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Who We Help


Pamela Bicket, Coordinator, Weekly Operations, The Springs Food Pantry

“Share the Harvest Farm has become a real partner in our mission to alleviate hunger and provide nutritional food to our Springs recipients. The Farm works with us to grow the produce that our recipients like, and to provide it to us in the ever-changing amounts that we need.”

“Share the Harvest Farm not only provides fresh organic vegetables for us weekly, but they care about food education and work with us in learning about how to use the vegetables we receive.”


Ella Engel-Snow & Gerry Mooney, Whalebone Village Apartments


Vicki Cooper, MSW Shelter Director, The Retreat Inc.

“The Retreat staff and clients are so grateful for the generosity of Share the Harvest Farm in supplying fresh produce for our residents and their children each week. Community support like theirs enables us to continue providing safety, shelter and support for victims of domestic abuse.”

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