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Educational Programs

We aim to raise awareness about the nutritional and environmental advantages of organic farming practices, and inspire a new generation of environmentally and socially responsible farmers.


At our Farm Stand, and through our CSA program and the organizations we serve, we provide nutritional information and healthy recipes for our produce. Our successful apprenticeship program allows new farmers to learn about soil stewardship, sustainable practices, and food systems in a seasonal immersion program.


In 2017, we initiated “Healthy Harvest”, an agriculture-based learning program for preschool students in conjunction with the Eleanor Whitmore Early Childhood Center in East Hampton. Our farmer educators collaborate with the Wellness Foundation and the Cornell Cooperative Extension to develop educational workshops for our partner organizations. These programs range from gardening workshops to bilingual cooking demonstrations with nutritionists using our donated produce.

“EWECC's partnership with Share The Harvest Farm in developing a comprehensive food and nutrition education program that brings educators, parents and community members together to teach young children how food goes from the ground to the table has been a tremendous success. This program helps our children see the connection between healthy living and success in school in a concrete, tangible way, enabling good choices to become a natural part of our children's lives.”

Arlene Pizzo Notel, EWECC Program Director
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