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Share the Harvest CSA

Through our work with local organizations, we found that many hard-working families on the East End need a cost-smart way to put nutritious, seasonal food on their tables. With the help of our friends at Good Circle, and the generous financial sponsorship of local home builders Men at Work, we launched an affordable, working families community supported agriculture program in 2016.


Our CSA program runs for 14 weeks, from July 11-Oct 10, and is designed for year-round East Hampton residents earning less than $100,000/year per household. Members must state their annual household income to register.


Each weekly share contains freshly harvested organic vegetables, flowers and herbs (when available), and the occasional “extra” from one of our Farm Stand vendors. Participants can choose between whole and half shares depending on their family size and eating habits. Each week, we send nutritional information, recipes, and other fun educational materials for the whole family.  

Our 2019 CSA season registration is now closed. For more information on our CSA program and how your family can join, drop us a line!


“These kinds of programs are really meaningful for the year-round residents of our community who are trying so hard to continue to live in a place they love.”

Share the Harvest Farm CSA Member
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